Graham Betchart is one of the world’s leading mental performance coaches. He has worked with some of the NBA’s most notable athletes including Aaron Gordon, the Utah Jazz, and USA Basketball. Graham currently works with the Sacramento Kings. In addition, Graham has trained members of the U.S. Navy in mental resiliency and works with business executives in technology, medicine, and law. Graham is one of the founders of Train the Mind®.
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Laura Wilde photo

Laura Wilde oversees mindfulness and works in integrated player development for an NBA team. She is a former NCAA head Basketball coach and a former two- sport college athlete (basketball and track). She works with NBA All-Stars, NFL Super Bowl champion veterans and MLB players as a Sports MetaPhysician.
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Dr. Ronald Kimmons is the VP of Player Wellness for the Utah Jazz. He is a clinical sport psychology consultant. He has a doctorate in clinical psychology, a master’s in social welfare, and a master’s in sport psychology. His clients include professional (NBA) and collegiate athletes, Olympians, high-level academics, and A-list actors.
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Coach Onika Green

Onika Green has a Masters degree in Human Kinetics: Applied Sports Psychology. She currently works with the Canadian National Basketball team, the Canadian Soccer Association (Canada Soccer), the Canadian Sports Institute Ontario, and the Ontario Racquet Club, Ryerson University. She has also worked with Paralympic rowers, National team hockey players, and performing artists.
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Elite Mental Skills Coach Mike Franco

Mike Franco is the NBA Mental Skills Coach at Orlando Magic. Prior to joining the Magic, he was the Major League Mental Skills Coach at Texas Rangers Baseball as well as the Dallas Mavericks and the Texas Legends.  His goal is to help others create a thriving mindset that can benefit them in the game and also in the transitions of life. He feels everyone has the ability to develop their focus, confidence, and performance under pressure through mental training.
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