To promote the health and well-being of every student, every athlete, every kid on and off the field through mental skills training.


Graham Betchart, elite mental skills coach, has trained the minds of some of the NBA’s most notable athletes, including World Champion, Aaron Gordon. Aaron and Graham have been working together since Aaron was 14-years-old.

Realizing the positive impact mental skills training has had on his own life Aaron wants to bring this awareness and training to students and athletes. Developing these mental skills early has allowed him to build a foundation of mental strength and resilience. He’s had tools to rely on and Graham to coach him through each new challenge. The pressures that young students and athletes face today can be overwhelming. Aaron had the benefit of learning these skills early in his career – how to focus, how to center himself, how to turn nervousness into positive energy. This is much easier to teach someone at a younger age rather than an adult facing life’s bigger challenges.

Partnering with Graham and parents, Jake and DJ Gracia, Train the Mind®, LLC was formed.

There is this assumption that only professional athletes need this training, but the reality is kids are under enormous pressure today. Train the Mind® gives parents, students, athletes, and coaches tools to create a mental performance game plan on and off the field.

“A parent is only as happy as their

saddest child.”

A story every parent can relate to…

Aaron and Graham teamed up with parents, who experienced first-hand the positive impact mental skills training had on their own child. Watching their 13-year-old daughter try to manage the stress of competing at a high level on a traveling soccer team, juggle school work and school sports, deal with social pressure all the while not getting enough sleep -they felt they had to do something proactive to help her manage it all.

They reached out to an old friend who helps student-athletes cope with the increased pressure. “It was amazing to see her take to it. She would write words on her wrist before a big game – reminding herself what was in her control. Her entire demeanor changed. She also thought it was cool to do the same training as professional athletes.”

Realizing that other kids and families could benefit from this -Jake and DJ partnered with Graham and Aaron to form Train the Mind®, LLC. It became clear after talking to other parents that this could benefit all kids not just athletes. Our kids are going to deal with stressful situations, toxic people, and things outside of their control throughout life.  As a parent your first instinct is to try to “fix it” for them, you want to bubble-wrap them from these painful moments.  That’s not realistic.  It’s our job to make sure they’re resilient, to help them find tools to cope and become stronger people.